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How to Play Durak?


    Durak is the most popular Russian card game. The word Durak refers to “fool”. The whole game is mainly centered on the loser. There are two variations of the game namely Perevodnoy Durak and Podkinoy Durak. The most popular Durak game is the Podkidnoy Variation. In this piece, we will focus our tutorial on general rules of Durak and how to play.


    Durak is quite an enjoyable game that has over the years made a general impact on many people’s lives. It is a game that requires critical thinking, which is why it is more popular among people who consider themselves tech-savvy.

    How many players can play Durak?

    Durak is quite a thrilling card game that can be enjoyed by 2 to 6 players.

    How many cards do we play Durak?

    You will only need: a poker deck reduced to 36 cards from Ace to 6.

    How many cards does each player have?

    Every player is usually dealt a total of 6 cards facing down with just one facing up

    To many, it can be pretty tough because of its little-known secrets. Regardless, it is no rocket science and anyone can learn it and perfect their skill in a short span. Just like any other game, you must do lots of practice before you consider yourself a Master in Durak.

    Let us first look at what you will need to play a Durak game effectively and successfully.

    How to Play Durak Card Game?

    A Durak card game is one of the easiest and most fun card games there are. Players do need much to get started. You will only need: a poker deck reduced to 36 cards from Ace to 6.

    Poker Deck

    The main goal of the game is to do away with all of a player’s cards before the game ends. Every player has to play according to the rules to get rid of all their cards.

    Every player is usually dealt a total of 6 cards facing down with just one facing up. The card facing up determines how the game goes. It is also known as the game’s “trump suit”. The remaining cards are placed above the face-up trump card. It does not matter who deals first, but for the subsequent times, the loser of the last game must deal first.

    Durak: How to Play?

    Just like any other card games like rummy and poker, you must be the holder of the lowest trump suit in order to deal first. The game then continues in a clockwise manner. The first player must consider themselves an attacker and the next player besides them is the defender.

    • As a defender, you are allowed to throw any card you wish to.
    • The attacker, on the other hand, must beat your thrown card.
    How to play Durak?


    The defender can beat the thrown card by either a higher card of the same suit or any other card belonging to that suit unless the card he deals is from the trump suit. If this happens, the next player can only beat the predecessor by a higher trump. In case the defender cannot or wishes not to beat the attacker’s card, he is required to collect the card and add it to his hand. If he beats the attacker’s card, the attacker is required to add a card of an equal rank using the cards on the table. The defender is required to counter this action by also beating the second card added by the attacker.

    Remaining players

    Aside from this, the remaining players on the table should attack the defender in case they have cards from the same rank as one of the ones on the table. Note that the defender can only be beaten by the same number of cards as the ones he has at hand. For the most part, the number of cards can never be more than 6 even if he (the defender) has more than six cards.


    In case the defender cannot beat any cards from the attacker, he is required to collect all the cards on the table. On the other hand, if he does beat all of them, the cards are usually added to a heap referred to as the otboy. This, therefore, means that the defender will be an attacker in the next round.


    The remaining cards are collected in a clockwise manner by the attackers of the last turn. This makes the defender the final individual to pick any card(s). In case there are no other remaining cards, the next player is allowed to take the face-up card. Afterward, no more cards are picked and anyone that remains with cards is known as a Durak.


    How to Play Durak: 2 Players

    For every Durak game, there is an attacker and a defender. The defender is only successful if they beat all attacks by the attacker. The attacker plays a card in the middle and the defender must find a higher ranking card in the same trump suit to beat the attacker’s card. Note that every attack needs a max of 6 cards.

    Durak is quite a thrilling card game that can be enjoyed by 2 to 6 players. If you want to win the game, make sure to rid yourself of all your cards quickly! Apart from the general rules, you must understand all the terms associated with the game such as card rank, gameplay, deal, winner, and loser.